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Why Cyber Security? Why Now? Great Question!

You have seen it in the news, heard about it on social media, and you may have had it happen to you at home or at work! Online hacking, I.D. theft, malware, even home camera monitors for children are being hacked!

As the world hurdles forward faster than ever in the world of technology it is no wonder things are getting out of control! Everything as we know it is being run by computers and that allows for amazing things, but it also allows for bad things.

I think you can see where this is going. I point this out because there is a huge opportunity out there for people to start new careers and help keep people safe on the web! Let’s face it. Technology is not slowing down, it is only getting faster and faster. If you have feel like you have the skills to purse a career in cyber security then you should be looking into it.

Still not sure? Check out this article on Forbes… One Million Cybersecurity Job Openings In 2016

Crazy huh! If you don’t bother to read that article they also mention that by 2019 demand is expected to rise to 6 million job openings.

At we are working hard to bring you just that. A portal to all the information you will need to learn about Cyber Security and start your career in it. Updated news, resources, training, and reviews of schools that offer degrees in cyber security and other useful information technologies fields.

If that does not convince you I would urge you to check out this report from Burning Glass from 2015.

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How To Become The Top Entry Level Candidate That Gets Noticed By HR

By Annadiane Annadiane | August 26, 2016

Cyber security is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing jobs sector in the world with some of the job positions being the top most sought out for. So if you are already trying your luck at getting into cybersecurity, you are in a great position to land a job. However, some of these positions…

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Why Social Networking Is Important When Job Hunting For Cybersecurity

By Lavina Bentley | August 25, 2016

Ever wondered why some people so easily and quickly land a dream job in their dream company? If we were to give you one reason, it would be networking. Networking is one of the most powerful and effective ways to become successful in just about any career or walk of life. In cybersecurity, it counts…

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Tips And Advice For Entry Level Cybersecurity Job Seekers

By Lavina Bentley | August 23, 2016

Having problem getting a job in cybersecurity? You may be thinking too much. Getting a job in Cyber-security is easier than you think. You probably landed on this page because you have decided to seek a job in IT security, but are unsure where to begin. Researching is the very first step and you are…

Hackers prove tesla s autopilot can be hacked and fooled

Tesla’s Autopilot Was Fooled By Hackers

By Stesha Guglielmo | August 17, 2016

Recently a Tesla S in autopilot mode failed to recognize a obstacle in front of it and crashed. This has led to question the sensors of the car. What if someone was able to sabotage the sensors of the car and fool it using complex technology? Researchers from the University of South Carolina and a…

5 Things you need to make sure don't go wrong during an interview for cybersecurity job

5 Reasons Why You Failed At Getting That Entry Level Cybersecurity Job

By Donna Archerdoa | August 17, 2016

When it comes to entry-level information security market, many jobs are available and applicants continue to grow to penetrate the now competitive and growing cybersecurity job market. But reportedly, many fresh graduates or professional security certificate holders are unable to get an entry level job in the infosec sector. While there may be many reasons,…

Denuvo has been cracked. First game Rise of Tomb Raider now illegally playable

Anti Piracy Software Denuvo Gets Cracked

By ali | August 10, 2016

Denuvo the undisputed champion has just been dethroned. The anti piracy solution that provided video games with an anti tempering system had made it impossible for crackers to crack the games that come pre-installed with this software. Now a cracking group known as CPY has just announced that they have cracked Denuvo. The first title…

The Government Assures Its Taking Steps To Fight Cyber Crime (600 x 388)

Companies That Were Hacked Still Prioritize Innovation Over Cybersecurity

By Stesha Guglielmo | August 8, 2016

A recent study found out that at least 8 out of 10 companies that were compromised due to cyber attacks in the past two years acknowledge that cybersecurity is not more important than innovation.   A lot of companies are taking a passive approach towards cyber security when in fact it should be taken seriously…

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US Navy Organized A Capture The Flag Simulation

By ali | August 4, 2016

In order to protect the US Navy Cyberspace, the US Navy organized a capture the flag simulation challenge.   This was organized by the Two Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program. It was created with the help of interns who co developed and hosted the capture the flag challenge to secure the naval networks and put…

7 Automated Hacking Systems Will Fight Head On This Thursday

7 Automated Hacking Systems Will Fight Head On This Thursday

By ali | August 2, 2016

The final stage of DARPA’s Cyber Grande challenge is upon us during this Thursday at DEFCON.   Seven teams will go head on with each other in a live hacking contest at Defcon. The total prize money is $2 million. But this time, the challenge will come complete with a brand new twist. Everything will…


Pokemon Go Creator’s Twitter Account Hacked

By ali | August 1, 2016

Niantic Labs SEO John Hanke who is also the creator of Pokemon Go became a target of a hacking group known as OurMine. His Twitter account was recently hacked and revealed his password to the public   Additionally, the hackers used the account to link back to Quora which have now been deleted. OurMine left…