T-Mobile network exposed by teen for free phone data

Jacob Ajit, a 17 year old teen from Alexandria, Virginia has just hacked his way into getting free data for his phone.

When asked how he figured it all out, he casually said that he was just investigating how networks are configured until he found a little loophole. He discovered the loophole inside the T-Mobile network.

He knows that T-Mobile will quickly fill in the loophole, but in the meantime, he just wanted to share his findings with the community.

He figured out how to get free data while playing with a prepaid T-mobile service on his phone.

Read more http://motherboard.vice.com/read/a-teenage-hacker-figured-out-how-to-get-free-data-on-his-phone-t-mobile

Lavina Bentley

Lavina Bentley

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I grew up on the east coast and have always been a fan of technology. It just always came easy to me. Being a woman and knowing about computers in the early days was a rarity, but now I am here to write about it and inform.
Lavina Bentley

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