Common internet scams that we usually fall for

In the previous post, we covered common scams that a lot of us still commonly fall for. Today we’ll be looking at scams that appear outside of your email. If you thought hackers only scam you through emails, wait until you see the common scams over the internet people are still easily falling for.

With these scams, we’ll also add a few lines on how to protect and find out about scams. So let’s begin with the common internet scams that people easily become a victim to.

The gorgeous girlfriend scam

  • Do you often visit dating sites? If you do you may have come across the perfect girlfriend profile often. She’s hot, witty and she messages you telling you that she’s completely into you. But you see, this is actually a hacker posing to be a gorgeous female over the internet trying to fool people by taking their information in advance and then they never show up.

Phishing scam through text

  • You may think you only receive malicious links through an email. Think again. Hackers will also time to time send you text messages with a link asking you to fill in crucial information because your account on a website is having a problem. Once you go to this link and add your information, it will be visible to the hacker. Always make sure the domain name on the link is authentic.

Infection detected scam

When you’re randomly browsing the internet, you may have come across a pop up that warns you an infection was found in your system. Clicking on this popup, you’ll be asked to install an anti-virus which will help you fend off this so-called infection. This is actually a malicious software that will corrupt your system even more. Never click on such pop-ups until you are sure its a message from your anti-virus software.


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