Easy ways to protect your data from cyber threats

Cyber attacks are rising at an alarming rate. Just within the past few years, the number of attacks conducted on small businesses has risen by quadruple.

Whether you are a small business owner or an organization, cyber threats are very real and you could be the next victim.

If you want to protect yourself from hackers who are on a mission to steal your important data, then you must start preparing to fight back these threats. We give you 3 very simple ways to get started.

Analyze your weaknesses

  • There is no denying that hackers are successful in acquiring important data because their targets are unaware of their weaknesses. Your first move should be to analyze your weaknesses in the systems and network.

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The best way to fill all the loopholes is to learn about the latest phishing scams or get your business checked by a cyber security professional.

Start protecting your data

  • It is very important to keep your data backed up and encrypted. Most hackers are on the lookout for basic data stored on your systems such as employee identifications, saved customer credentials, and social security numbers.

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If you are holding such data, don’t just let it sit around on your systems. Take measures to protect it by getting it encrypted. Encrypting important data doesn’t take more than a mere few minutes. Modern operating systems have made this extremely easy by putting in encryption tools right in the heart of the OS.

Don’t just keep your software protected

  • One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is not protecting their hardware. A lot of security loopholes are often present right in the hardware.
  • To make sure that no one takes away important data due to a hardware loophole, your systems need to be physically locked.

Modern cyber security has enabled professionals to create hardware devices that can help you secure your systems physically, making it harder for someone to get away with them.

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Ensure your server room doors are locked and your external hard drives protected with some sort of physical lock.

As a new business owner, you may think you are well protected from the rising threats of cyber attacks. If you are not careful, you may become the next victim of the next big cyber heist.

By making sure your systems and hardware are well protected, you will save yourself from the trouble of being a victim of a cyber attack later.

Stesha Guglielmo

I have always been into technology even at a young age. It always just came to me. I love the speed at which tech is moving and want to be part of it in all ways.

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