Why small businesses require cyber security

A recent survey conducted by Cyber Security Alliance revealed that one out of every five small business is a victim of cyber crimes. And those businesses that are victims go out of business within six months after the attack.

Several big name organizations have been a victim of big data breaches in the past. Which means that as a small business, you’re also on the target list of cyber criminals. Here are the top reasons why you should consider adding cyber security to your business starting today.

Your business is an information mine

  • Hackers are always looking for information and no matter what business you are running, you probably have information that is meaningful to them. This information includes customer information which is almost always the prime target of cybercriminals. Safeguard your business to make sure your valuable customer information does not end up in the hands of cyber criminals.

Cyber threats are very real and increasing in number

  • According to a recent survey, cyber-attacks are targeting small and medium-sized businesses because they are easy to breach. Most small businesses do not spend enough on protecting their networks which make them an easy target for hackers to steal information from.

If you are a small business owner and you think hackers only target big organizations, this should be a wake-up call for you.

Hackers are targeting the cloud now

  • If most of your data is on the cloud and you think you are safe, you’re wrong. Hackers are actively targeting the cloud because they know business owners think they’re safe once their data is in the cloud. It is important for you to implement some sort of security for your cloud.

Cybercriminals are increasing in number and small businesses have become their favorite target

Large organizations are well protected and hence un-experienced cyber criminals avoid trying to breach them. But the same cannot be said for small businesses whose security budgets are very limited. That is why they are actively looking for businesses that do not implement enough security measures.

Don’t ignore cyber security just because you’re a small business. You are the number one target for criminals.


Donna Archerdoa

Donna Archerdoa

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Donna Archerdoa

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