5 Things you need to make sure don't go wrong during an interview for cybersecurity job

When it comes to entry-level information security market, many jobs are available and applicants continue to grow to penetrate the now competitive and growing cybersecurity job market.

But reportedly, many fresh graduates or professional security certificate holders are unable to get an entry level job in the infosec sector. While there may be many reasons, below are the top 5 that you must ensure never make their way into your career hunting.

1. Portraying yourself as a know it all

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during an interview or on your resume is showing yourself as a jack of all trades. Security sector is broken down into many sections and a lot of people show themselves as holding many different skills. The key is to show one or two skills that you believe are your strongest points and then make an argument on it. Convince your interviewer why you are good by showing examples of your work.

2. Lacking ‘team player’ qualities is a huge letdown for companies

This is pretty much a default letdown if you show yourself as someone who is not comfortable working in a team. As a cybersecurity professional, no matter what job you choose, you will be working with a team of people. You must accept this fact and be ready to work alongside other people in the same category as yours.

3. Trying to convince interviewers that your degree and certifications outshadow practical skills

In a recent survey, it was revealed that high end employers are more interested in hiring people with real world experience rather than hiring someone with lots of professional certifications and a bachelors/masters degree. Cybersecurity is all about dealing with threats in the real world and that is where experience counts the most. So don’t think that your degree or certification is better than practical skills. Someone having more practical skills than you can easily land a job without a degree.

4. Not preparing for your interview

Job seekers must know that an interview is the most important part of job hunting. If you have selected a particular job position with a company, you must research well before hand and prepare for the interview. Look at the basics of interviews and the fundamentals of the job you are after. Interviewers will judge you on the knowledge you have about their company, the job in question and the technical/practical skills you posses.

5. Don’t exaggerate

Finally the last thing to remember is to never exaggerate about anything during an interview. Do not answer with too much information. Stick to the basics and list down only the necessary things that answer the questions appropriately. If you start explaining things in detail, the interviewers will start counter questioning you on the basis of information you provide them. This could lead you into trouble.


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