super easy ways to bump your computer security at home

Protecting your computer or smartphone should come naturally because of the rising trend of cyber threats across the world. Over the internet, you’ll come across numerous ways to safeguard your digital life, but most of them talk about advanced methods to protect your computer that is only fit for a company or organization. What do you do when you are just an everyday user?

We have collected a list of super easy ways you can protect your computer if you are an everyday user of the internet.

Use private mode to browse the internet

  • Every browser comes with a private mode these days. Regardless of what internet browser you are using, if you are outside your home, never browse the internet without turning on the private mode. Private mode protects you by making sure your information is deleted once you have stopped using the browser.

Never ignore system updates

  • There’s a reason why your Windows keeps telling you to update your copy. OS companies release updates on nearly a daily basis to fight back hackers and other cyber criminals. By keeping your system up to date, you are protecting it by filling loopholes in OS security.

Back up your data every now and then

  • Backing up your data should become a habit for you. Even if you become a victim cyber crime and lose your data to hackers or cyber criminals, you can always restore a backup of your most recent data. There are tons of software out there that let you back up your entire computer to the cloud.

Don’t click on links in an email

  • Our emails usually start getting emails from different entities over the internet. Sometimes you’ll come across emails that have links inside. Never click on that link if the sender is not someone you trust. Hackers spread links on emails in hopes that you would click them and fill out their forms. Sometimes just merely clicking on the link and opening the page gives hackers enough time to inject malicious data into your computer.

Install anti-malware software

Your anti-virus is not enough to defend against threats on the internet. There’s a malicious entity known as malware that can easily bypass any anti-virus. Only a good anti-malware can protect you against these. Remember, hackers these days usually use malware to breach security, so make sure you have one installed on your computer or smartphone.

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