Artificial Intelligence is the future of cybersecurity

As AI becomes more capable and intelligent, it could become the future of cyber security by fighting back automated and sophisticated social engineered cyber attacks. The same could be said in reverse.

With AI becoming more powerful and accessible, even cyber criminals could use to create a wave of cyber attacks such as data hacks, thefts, and penetrations. So experts believe our best defense against such attacks would be to use AI.

Even today in some large corporations with big cybersecurity budgets are using AI to defend against sophisticated attacks. This points out to a viable future of AI in cyber security which isn’t too far behind now.

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Colly Roderick

Colly Roderick

Contributor at Cyber Security Portal
I have been playing with computers, circuits, and all things electronic since my brother gave me my first computer parts to build when I was in 6th grade.
Colly Roderick

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