Allainz working with local manufacturers to improve car cyber security

Allianz Germany is now working with local car manufacturers to bring forward the different vulnerabilities in the systems of vehicles that are electronically powered and can easily be hacked by criminals.

As electronic systems become common in cars, they are becoming an easy target for cyber criminals to hack. According to chief information security officer at Allianz Germany, a research has already been started that will help protect these cars from cyber crimes.

The research was inspired by a public hacking of a jeep Cherokee by security researchers Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller in 2015. Now the company is working to improve the security features of the vehicles.

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Elliot Speers

Elliot Speers

Elliot has been building & breaking computers since his father owned a computer repair store in the late 80's. An ethical hacker he is always looking out for the little guy and sharing his knowledge online and off.
Elliot Speers

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