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Is your common home appliance spying on you?

If you thought you’re safe when you shut down your computer or smartphone, then you really need a wake-up call. The latest cyber security defense and offense technology have already been tried and tested on things that may just be used to make a simple cup of coffee. That’s right, there is a chance that…

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China May Have Tried To Hack Missile Defense System

A cybersecurity company in the U.S have reason enough to believe that Chinese hackers sponsored by the state could have tried to hack into an organization that had close connections with the US-built missile system based in South Korea. According to a spokesperson from the company, China is pretty involved in cyber espionage regularly. He also…

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Computer Security Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

computer security

A lot of us take the internet very lightly and believe it has nothing more than social media, a bunch of videos and a lot of reading material. We often ignore the dangers that lurk in the online world and hence never attempt to secure our computers properly. If you aren’t already protecting your computer…

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Can The U.S Election Really Be Hacked?

Russian hacking U.S in the upcoming presidential election became a hot topic during the debate on Sunday night. It raised a question: can the U.S elections really be hacked? Experts had a say on a national level. They believe it cannot happen. But there is still enough evidence that leaves us with this question. According…

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