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Estonia Ranked Best In Europe Cyber Security

Estonia’s cyber security efforts have been ranked first in Europe and fifth in the rest of the world. The announcement for cyber excellence for Estonia was announced at the World Summit on Information Security Forum on Thursday. The country has largely been seen as a big innovator in the Internet-enabled government. The International Telecommunication Union also…

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Cybersecurity businesses are getting busy, guess why?

If you haven’t heard already, last 2 weeks have been chaotic in the business world because of the Wannacry malware attack that took down as many as 200,000 machines in just a few days. Now some cybersecurity companies are cashing on the attack by raising the prices of their services because right now the demand for…

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Is AI The Future of cybersecurity

As AI becomes more capable and intelligent, it could become the future of cyber security by fighting back automated and sophisticated social engineered cyber attacks. The same could be said in reverse. With AI becoming more powerful and accessible, even cyber criminals could use to create a wave of cyber attacks such as data hacks,…

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New Buy Only American Rule Could Seriously Hurt Pentagon Tech Buying

Ex-officials from the Pentagon are warning that newly tightened ‘Buy American’ rules that ask the government to buy U.S made only products could seriously hurt the military’s ability to buy technology which is often not necessarily made in America. The issue was raised at the house hearing about Pentagon’s IT operations. The hearing took place…

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What is the best defence against ransomware?

protect yourself against ransomware Ransomware has quickly become one of the most damaging and powerful malicious software that is responsible for downtime in systems of a business. Ransomware is so dangerous that if you become a victim of it, there is no way out of it until you have paid the ransom. The only way…

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Security Company Warns Current Voting Systems Vulnerable to threats

A computer security company is warning that Pennsylvania’s voting systems are vulnerable to cyber threats. According to Carbon Black Inc., a company based in Massachussets, Pennsylvania may pose a really big security risk in during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. The weak spot as detected by the company are the electronic voting machines that are…

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