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Use These 5 Top VPNs To Browse The Internet Anonymously

In today’s life, the internet has become quite a necessity. While the internet offers us countless benefits, it also has its drawbacks. The Internet is also used by criminals to target innocent people and take away their information and use it for their own personal gains. Although there are tons of ways you can prevent…

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Ever Wondered Why Malware Slows Your System?

Have you ever wondered why your system slows down when it is infected by a virus or malware? It is because making lightweight applications is a tough job and no hacker or cybercriminal makes an effort to optimize their software. Most viruses or malware on your system consume resources no matter what kind of software…

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Tips For Getting A Job In IT With No Experience?

What Experience Do You Have?

So… you want to get a job in the IT world? You’ve heard the buzz about Cyber Security or becoming a network administrator and  how much money these jobs are paying! The BIG question is… how do you get the job! More so how do you get the training for the job? That ends up…

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A New Virus Can Infect Your MAC Any Where Any Time

A virus or malware is capable of shutting down entire systems if powerful enough. Now a new virus, created by the co-founder of Apple Computers. In an interview, he said that he may have written a harmful computer software that could take down a MAC anywhere, anytime. He also confirmed that he destroyed the virus…

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Your Email Could Be Carrying A New Kind Of Potentially Dangerous Virus

Midco has just warned its users that a new virus is circling around in emails that could be potentially dangerous for their computers. The statement released by the company read that people with email addresses may contain a ransomware trojan virus that is currently not being detectable by most anti virus software. The users…

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Anti Piracy Software Denuvo Gets Cracked

Denuvo has been cracked. First game Rise of Tomb Raider now illegally playable

Denuvo the undisputed champion has just been dethroned. The anti piracy solution that provided video games with an anti tempering system had made it impossible for crackers to crack the games that come pre-installed with this software. Now a cracking group known as CPY has just announced that they have cracked Denuvo. The first title…

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US Navy Organized A Capture The Flag Simulation

In order to protect the US Navy Cyberspace, the US Navy organized a capture the flag simulation challenge.   This was organized by the Two Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program. It was created with the help of interns who co developed and hosted the capture the flag challenge to secure the naval networks and put…

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7 Automated Hacking Systems Will Fight Head On This Thursday

The final stage of DARPA’s Cyber Grande challenge is upon us during this Thursday at DEFCON.   Seven teams will go head on with each other in a live hacking contest at Defcon. The total prize money is $2 million. But this time, the challenge will come complete with a brand new twist. Everything will…

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Pokemon Go Creator’s Twitter Account Hacked

Niantic Labs SEO John Hanke who is also the creator of Pokemon Go became a target of a hacking group known as OurMine. His Twitter account was recently hacked and revealed his password to the public   Additionally, the hackers used the account to link back to Quora which have now been deleted. OurMine left…

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