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The USA Has Blamed North Korea For Recent Hacking Spree

The United States Government on Tuesday went on to issue an alert that blames North Korea for a series of different cybersecurity attacks ranging from 2009 till now and also warned that more are expected in the future. The warning was given by the U.S Department of Homeland Security along with the Federal Bureau of…

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Cisco and IBM are now partners in a historic cybersecurity move

Cisco and IBM announced a historic partnership today which is built on the foundation of fighting the war against cyber criminals. The two tech giants together have formed a wall that is instilling fear amongst criminals. While the technology of the two giants will be combined together to form a stronger cyber security infrastructure, it…

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Cybersecurity is now as important as health and safty

Cyber security is quickly becoming a global issue now affecting businesses and organizations of all sizes around the world. Every employee is at risk at all levels of an organization. The time has come for organizations and businesses to see cybersecurity as an extremely important issue and consider it on par with health and safety issue.…

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Are Chat Rooms Safe? Should You Be Worried?

For as long as chatrooms have been available, everyone’s been asking the same question again and again,’ are chatrooms safe?’ The answer is actually quite simple, it depends on how you handle chatrooms. Chatrooms work the same way as email or any other messenger. If you hand out your personal information, click on unknown or…

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4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Requires Cyber Security

security for small businesses

A recent survey conducted by Cyber Security Alliance revealed that one out of every five small business is a victim of cyber crimes. And those businesses that are victims go out of business within six months after the attack. Several big name organizations have been a victim of big data breaches in the past. Which…

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What is Ransomware

what is ransomware

If some of your files are no longer accessible because they have been locked, then you might have just become a victim of Ransomware. But ransomware isn’t just simply locking files and asking for money to provide unlock key, it is much more than that. So What Is Ransomware Really? In popular internet culture, ransomware…

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