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Application security trends released by High-Tech Bridge

High-Tech Bridge, a company known for providing mobile and web based application security testing services has released a new report titled Gartner Cool Vendor 2017 with the winner of Europes Best Emerging Technology category. The summary released is a short report on application security trends for the first and second quarters of 2017 The data…

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Life After WannaCry: Prevent Future Attacks With These Strategies

The ransomware attack that took place on Friday, the infamous WannaCry took over as many as 200,000 computers in 150 countries across the world. Although experts still don’t know the complete details of the attack, it is clear that some big organizations were victimized in the attack while some suffered severe losses. After the attack,…

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Allianz is working with car makers for cybersecurity

Allianz Germany is now working with local car manufacturers to bring forward the different vulnerabilities in the systems of vehicles that are electronically powered and can easily be hacked by criminals. As electronic systems become common in cars, they are becoming an easy target for cyber criminals to hack. According to chief information security officer at…

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New online cybersecurity experience launched for students

Optus has just launched an online cyber education program for the secondary schools and universities with help from LifeJourney. The aim of the program is to add more meat to the country’s ability to fight and defend against many future cyber security threats. The Optus Cyber Security Experience is one of a kind educational program…

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Delta Risk has been named in top 25 cyber security companies

Delta Risk is a global provider of risk management and cyber security services. The company announced today that it has been included in the list that recognizes top cyber security companies of 2017. They were selected to be in the top 25 companies by CIO Applications. CIO Applications judges companies based on the evaluation of…

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How Do You Stay Anonymous On The Internet?

Keep yourself well hidden while browsing the internet has many benefits. The most of important of which is to keep your identity safe from scammers, phishers, and hackers. Being anonymous on the internet is popular amongst hackers because they don’t want to leave a trail behind that would help the feds capture them after they…

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Here Are The 6 Best Security Certifications For 2017


Security breaches are increasing in size and number day by day which indicates that there is a large cybersecurity talent gap. Statistics have revealed to many companies the threat they face through cyber security and they are worried. And when companies get worried, they open up vacancies for cyber security professionals to jump in and…

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Kaspersky And Secucloud Partner To Combat Cyber Attacks 

Secucloud has just created a new Elastic Cloud Security System. It is a cloud based security framework that will use Kaspersky Lab’s high end technologies. This will enable better security for Secucloud customers. The company has combined modules like the multi-analyzer threat protection, packet analyzer, SAND SSL Scan and its IABS engine with the powerful…

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