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Australia and Singapore become cybersecurity buddies

Singapore and Australia have just become partners in cyber security. The two countries will now hold joint cyber security exercises to strengthen the cyber infrastructure and spread awareness. A two-year memorandum of understanding was signed by the two countries on June 2 by the cyber security agency of Singapore and Australian Government. It will now…

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Launceston will now support cyber security innovation

Launceston is known for innovation and is now overseeing an establishment of a cyber security hub in the city. The lead discussion of the proposal took place on Monday during a council meeting. Alderman Darren Alexander spoke to the council saying that they should be taking advantage of the cyber security growth network set by…

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A DDoS tsunami is coming to cost companies in millions

A study was just released by cyber security firm Neustar Security that confirms the fear of many IT professionals and executives in big and small organizations alike. DDoS attacks are rapidly increasing in number and they are becoming more and more powerful. The firm’s head of research and development fears that enough precautions have not…

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Rhode Island Hires First State Cybersecurity Officer

Rhode Island has just hired its first state Cybersecurity officer. Mike Steinmetz will be serving as Gov. Gina M. Raimondo’s policy advisor on cyber security. He will also help develop a comprehensive state cybersecurity strategy that will help the state fight back cyber crimes and prevent them. Steinmetz will also be serving as Rhode Island’s…

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Do Cracked Games Contain Viruses And Malware?

Now days nearly every video game gets cracked and is easily available to download from various websites, causing millions in damages to developers and publishers. But downloading cracked games is still popular amongst many people. But the real question is, do cracked games contain viruses and malware? Can they threaten your privacy? Well, yes and…

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5 Super easy ways to bump your computer security

Protecting your computer or smartphone should come naturally because of the rising trend of cyber threats across the world. Over the internet, you’ll come across numerous ways to safeguard your digital life, but most of them talk about advanced methods to protect your computer that is only fit for a company or organization. What do…

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