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We all know a lot of hacks come via website injections, trojans, weak passwords and more! The bad part of this is visitors to these websites then pick up the pay load, distribute it etc… all without the website own ever even knowing. If you run a website, I am pretty certain it has probably…

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How is the current global automotive cyber security market looking?

Global Automotive Cyber Security market report has just been released which offers an insight into the overall automotive cyber security industry with the market dimensions and evaluations for the year 2017-2022. The research study covers a great amount of analysis of different automotive cyber security industry departments that are based on the type of products…

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Has Microsoft Bought Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Hexadite?

American computing giant Microsoft has reportedly purchased the Israeli cyber security startup Hexadite for a massive $100 million. The website Calcalist which is available in only Hebrew language reported the news today. If the report is indeed true, then this will be the latest purchase of acquisitions of Israeli cyber-security companies that Microsoft has recently…

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Stocks of Cybersecurity companies rise after global ransomware attack

A global ransomware attack that disrupted hospitals, factories, schools, and shops forced the investors on Monday to purchase stocks that would benefit cybersecurity funding by the government agencies and firms. The attack started spreading across the world on Friday and by the end of Monday, it had locked many computers in about 150 different countries.…

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Report: 6 million cybersecurity positions are empty

Sandra Sargent, the cybersecurity lead at the World Bank spoke to a panel at RiskSec NY on Tuesday saying that it is a dire situation for the recruitment in the cyber security field. The challenge is that nearly 6 million jobs are unfilled in the industry because there aren’t attractive incentives being offered. She spoke…

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The biggest cybersecurity threats to businesses

With phishing emails at their highest right now, business email compromise (BEC) is costing billions in damages since 2015. It has become more than crucial for companies to be aware of how hackers attack and how they can compromise your business. BEC basically has an actor pretending to be a senior of the company and…

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KPMG Is Going To Hold A Cyber Security Conference

In order to educate and spread awareness of cyber security for organizations asking them to build a more resilient system that would fight back cyber risks, KPMG is going to hold a conference. The conference will be aimed at discussing various cyber security subjects. It will also shed light on how cyber security affects organization…

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Under New Bill Infrastructure Owners Will Need To disclose cybersecurity incidents to homeland officials

The Nevada lawmakers will be soon requiring new cybersecurity plans for any infrastructure that is critical. The new senate bill 395 will require this new cyber security plan for privately and government owned facilities in Nevada. Basically, all facilities related to telecommunication systems and utilities may be effected. Under the new bill, the plan will…

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3 Internet Scams We’re All Still Falling For

In the previous post, we covered common scams that a lot of us still commonly fall for. Today we’ll be looking at scams that appear outside of your email. If you thought hackers only scam you through emails, wait until you see the common scams over the internet people are still easily falling for. With…

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