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A Hacking Group Vandalized Buzzfeed’s Posts

A few posts of Buzzfeed news website were vandalized by a hacking group known as ‘Ourmine’. The hack came as a result when buzzfeed posted a news article identifying a teenage hacker that the site claimed to be part of the hacking group. OurMine denied the report and said that the person was just a…

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Who Is China Going To Hack Next?

China has often come under fire for engaging in cyber warfare. Earlier in 2016, Chinese cyber spies were accused of attacking and taking control of many of workstations that are installed at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. In 2015, China was once again accused of a massive data breach inside the US Office of Personnel…

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Is The Future Of Cyber Crime Bleak?

According to National Crime Agency (NCA) Cybercrime Assessment 2016 report, nearly 53 percent of all crimes that were committed in 2015 were cyber crimes. Mr. Cameron Brown, an independant cyber defence advisor had a say into this matter. He has been conducting different researches into the emerging trends of cyber crimes. He warns that opportunities…

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GMAIL IS DOWN!!! Have They Been Hacked?

GMAIL HACKED? Nobody knows why gmail is down right now, but they assure us they are working on it.   You can read more here You can also check your app dashboard here

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Hacked Dropbox Accounts Are Being Sold On Dark Web

The online file hosting and storage giant is facing yet another problem when it was recently discovered that their 68 million stolen accounts are now up for sale on Dark Web. On August 31st, an unknown cyber attack left Dropbox in shock when around 68 million account credentials were stolen from their network. The hack…

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Meet The Sixth Grader Who Makes Money Selling Passwords

Worried about someone guessing your password? If you are unable to come up with secure passwords, a 11 year old sixth grader from New York City has just the thing you need. Mira Modi recently started a small business where she takes requests to generate six word diceware passpharases by hand. If you aren’t…

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