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Ransomware has quickly become one of the most damaging and powerful malicious software that is responsible for downtime in systems of a business. Ransomware is so dangerous that if you become a victim of it, there is no way out of it until you have paid the ransom.

The only way to save your system from ransomware is to backup your data. Here are a couple of ways how you can secure your system from getting infected with ransomware in the first place:

You have to make sure that you have backup administrator accounts made on every system in your business or home. This is because hackers are aware that people are backing up their data and they are now mostly targeting backups first before going for the actual data. This can only be done if they get access to administrative rights on the system.

You need to have some sort of cloud service to help upload and manage different versions of your backup data. You should ideally back up your important data one file at a time because it takes time to get data file by file. If a folder is uploaded, anyone can simply get access and quickly download all the files.

To fully prevent your system from getting ransomware infection, you must be able to put up preventative methods in place. This includes as mentioned above, regular backups of your data on different systems and administrative accounts. Also, back up your data off the system on an external drive to double up your preventative measures.

With these security measures in place, even if ransomware somehow locks your data, you’ll always have a backup to restore.

Moreover, most ransomware makes their way into your system through the internet. If you regularly browse random websites on the internet, make sure you never click on things that you are not familiar with.

Colly Roderick

Colly Roderick

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Colly Roderick

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