How to invest in cybersecurity with immediate results

The scale and complexity of cyber crimes are rising at an alarming rate but unfortunately, on the other side, the general lack of cyber security awareness is dropping in organizations even for those who are spending thousands on high-end technology. What investors fail to realize is that there is no such high-end technology that can help them defend against rising threats from cyber criminals.

So what is the best investment you can make in cyber security as a business?

Spending millions on technology will make you feel like you are doing the right thing and it will make you safe. But in reality, major cyber security threats aren’t prevented using high-end technology, they are prevented by leveraging the human brain, after all, these attacks are being constructed by humans.

Every organization has a number of employees who have no idea what cyber security is and which results in human error. Cyber criminals are targeting these people by scamming them into opening malicious software. So the best investment you can make today is indeed on cyber security awareness amongst your company’s employees.

For all kinds of cyber attacks, the first line of defense is none other than the leaders and employees themselves who are a part of an interconnected chain of a network. These are the people who if knew how to prevent an attack would never let one sneak by.

Yet organizations are failing to realize that this is indeed the biggest loophole in their cyber security defense strategy.

So as a company, you have to realize that spreading awareness is of number one priority. Before you set yourself to buy complex technology thinking that it will effectively and automatically defend against cyber attacks, look at your workforce and see if they even know how to best use that technology.

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