Become the ultimate hacker by starting with these programming languages

Become the ultimate hacker by starting with these programming languages

If you ask us, we’d say it depends.

Learning a programming language will always somehow help you out in the future. Nearly every complex cybersecurity job requires some sort of professional knowledge about a programming language.

To start with hacking however, create a Live USB with Debian, Kali, Ubuntu, RedHat or Linux distribution. Start by learning shell scripting first. The best way to do so is to learn on Kali Linux 2.0 on your Live-USB preferably connected to a MacBook because it has many tools pre installed that will keep you away from installing additional features.

While learning shell scripting, visit because it has a built in console that you can try to code on while you are learning.

Next you should go for Python. Python will allow you to make complex algorithms using only a couple of commands. And also it is one of the best languages for beginners.

Visit to take on python 2.x tutorial. This is made by the same people who made shell one. Python 2.x is great because it has a number of different libraries. Python may be a bit old school for 2016, but it is still very worth it. You can use Python to:

  • Connect via telnet to any network device
  • Query SNMP objects that are on a network device
  • Connect via SSH to any device on the network
  • update, query or populate any MySQL database
  • Build customized artwork packets and then analyze them
  • Create apps to automate daily networking tasks that include collecting information, testing clients and making network discovery.

Python is also pretty good due to its cross platform nature. It can be easily used on Linux, Windows or OS X.

Here is another website to check if you want to learn python

If you visit this website, you need to make sure that you have a command prompt running on the side so you can work and experiment while learning at the same time.

Using the sites mentioned above, you can easily learn to launch a DoS attack or do SQL Injections.

Once you are ready, head over to the popular and start putting your skills to the test.

Additionally, as a hacker you should have the knowledge to create websites. For that you should learn html, css and javascript. This will greatly help you in hacking websites because most of them are coded using these languages.

Plus you can always use your browser’s ‘view code’ feature to see the code that is powering the website. There’s always a loophole somewhere in the code.

Last but not the least, go for c++. It isn’t exactly beginner friendly but it definitely is the best one to learn when you become an advanced user.

To learn additional skills, head over to WonderHowTo website.

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