The biggest cyber security threats to businesses these days.

With phishing emails at their highest right now, business email compromise (BEC) is costing billions in damages since 2015. It has become more than crucial for companies to be aware of how hackers attack and how they can compromise your business.

BEC basically has an actor pretending to be a senior of the company and requesting the colleague in that company into wiring a fixed amount of money for a top secret company information. Phishing is quite threatening because many people don’t bother asking questions, they do just as told in the email.

Even if the highest security is placed, humans are easy to trick and someone clever enough can easily get past those security measures and make a fool out of someone.

Social media itself has also become quite a big threat to many businesses. Phishing is happening on social media in full force these days. People assume a role of someone senior by stealing a profile and through that they can easily request someone to send them money in the company. The only way to save from social media scams is to make sure good security is in place and awareness is spread across the employees.

Businesses can only defend themselves against these phishing attacks by spreading awareness. Occasional conferences should take place with training programs teaching the employees the fundamentals of cyber security, the threats it poses and how to recognize simple cyber attacks like phishing on email, phone, and social media.

After all, if one employee is hacked in a company, it would allow the hacker to easily get information about other systems connected to the network. that means in a short time span, a hacker would be able to hack the entire network and steal off data. They may even inject spyware to collect important data and release it to competitors.

Every company should once again think about where their cyber security strategy is taking them. They should invest more in it so they can protect themselves from such attacks.

Stesha Guglielmo

I have always been into technology even at a young age. It always just came to me. I love the speed at which tech is moving and want to be part of it in all ways.

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