Who is going to regulate cybersecurity for smart cars?

Vehicles are becoming smarter day by day as companies start to equip them with high-tech modules. They are now becoming more and more interconnected with other smart technology, giving an open window to cyber criminals to expose.

Current vehicles are regulated for safety standards by the federal government, but there is no entity available that is regulating cybersecurity standards for new smart cars.

A newly reintroduced legislation makes it the responsibility of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but is that really a good approach?

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Lavina Bentley

Lavina Bentley

Contributor at Cyber Security Portal
I grew up on the east coast and have always been a fan of technology. It just always came easy to me. Being a woman and knowing about computers in the early days was a rarity, but now I am here to write about it and inform.
Lavina Bentley

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