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Has Microsoft Bought Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Hexadite?

American computing giant Microsoft has reportedly purchased the Israeli cyber security startup Hexadite for a massive $100 million. The website Calcalist which is available in only Hebrew language reported the news today. If the report is indeed true, then this will be the latest purchase of acquisitions of Israeli cyber-security companies that Microsoft has recently…

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Is cybersecurity a threat to our interconnected future?

With the latest and most devastated ransomware attack in history, ‘Wannacry’ security experts are saying that cybersecurity could be a threat to our interconnected future if not taken care of on time. Wannacry took down more than 200,000 machines around the world and the next attack could be anywhere in the future. What’s even worst is…

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Launceston will now support cyber security innovation

Launceston is known for innovation and is now overseeing an establishment of a cyber security hub in the city. The lead discussion of the proposal took place on Monday during a council meeting. Alderman Darren Alexander spoke to the council saying that they should be taking advantage of the cyber security growth network set by…

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Stocks of Cybersecurity companies rise after global ransomware attack

A global ransomware attack that disrupted hospitals, factories, schools, and shops forced the investors on Monday to purchase stocks that would benefit cybersecurity funding by the government agencies and firms. The attack started spreading across the world on Friday and by the end of Monday, it had locked many computers in about 150 different countries.…

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Allianz is working with car makers for cybersecurity

Allianz Germany is now working with local car manufacturers to bring forward the different vulnerabilities in the systems of vehicles that are electronically powered and can easily be hacked by criminals. As electronic systems become common in cars, they are becoming an easy target for cyber criminals to hack. According to chief information security officer at…

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