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Can The U.S Election Really Be Hacked?

Russian hacking U.S in the upcoming presidential election became a hot topic during the debate on Sunday night. It raised a question: can the U.S elections really be hacked? Experts had a say on a national level. They believe it cannot happen. But there is still enough evidence that leaves us with this question. According…

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A Hacking Group Vandalized Buzzfeed’s Posts

A few posts of Buzzfeed news website were vandalized by a hacking group known as ‘Ourmine’. The hack came as a result when buzzfeed posted a news article identifying a teenage hacker that the site claimed to be part of the hacking group. OurMine denied the report and said that the person was just a…

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Kaspersky And Secucloud Partner To Combat Cyber Attacks 

Secucloud has just created a new Elastic Cloud Security System. It is a cloud based security framework that will use Kaspersky Lab’s high end technologies. This will enable better security for Secucloud customers. The company has combined modules like the multi-analyzer threat protection, packet analyzer, SAND SSL Scan and its IABS engine with the powerful…

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Security Company Warns Current Voting Systems Vulnerable to threats

A computer security company is warning that Pennsylvania’s voting systems are vulnerable to cyber threats. According to Carbon Black Inc., a company based in Massachussets, Pennsylvania may pose a really big security risk in during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. The weak spot as detected by the company are the electronic voting machines that are…

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Here’s How You Can Stay Safe On Your Smartphone

Google and Apple may have both released their newest flagship smartphones the Google Pixel and iPhone 7. But are they safe enough from the ground up to protect you from cyber attacks, malware and viruses? Even though both companies claim their phones are the safest, it never hurts to up security by taking personal precautions.…

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