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Estonia Ranked Best In Europe Cyber Security

Estonia’s cyber security efforts have been ranked first in Europe and fifth in the rest of the world. The announcement for cyber excellence for Estonia was announced at the World Summit on Information Security Forum on Thursday. The country has largely been seen as a big innovator in the Internet-enabled government. The International Telecommunication Union also…

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How is the current global automotive cyber security market looking?

Global Automotive Cyber Security market report has just been released which offers an insight into the overall automotive cyber security industry with the market dimensions and evaluations for the year 2017-2022. The research study covers a great amount of analysis of different automotive cyber security industry departments that are based on the type of products…

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Adult Dating Sites Are Being Promoted Through A Spam Botnet

Cyber Security Website is currently studying a botnet that is actively being used to promote adult dating website. Although the study is going fine, in the current news it has been revealed that it has hit a firewall. The research has been released to the public to see if any other researchers are studying…

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USA Muni market is slowly paying attention to cyber risks

The rise in cyber attacks against the US has mostly hit the public sector but the attacks so far had very little impact on the $3.8 trillion municipal debt market. No issuer has yet been a victim of cyber security threat. Now it is beginning to change slowly. S&P Global has started quizzing the cities…

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Application security trends released by High-Tech Bridge

High-Tech Bridge, a company known for providing mobile and web based application security testing services has released a new report titled Gartner Cool Vendor 2017 with the winner of Europes Best Emerging Technology category. The summary released is a short report on application security trends for the first and second quarters of 2017 The data…

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The USA Has Blamed North Korea For Recent Hacking Spree

The United States Government on Tuesday went on to issue an alert that blames North Korea for a series of different cybersecurity attacks ranging from 2009 till now and also warned that more are expected in the future. The warning was given by the U.S Department of Homeland Security along with the Federal Bureau of…

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