Computer security mistakes that you need to stop

A lot of us take the internet very lightly and believe it has nothing more than social media, a bunch of videos and a lot of reading material. We often ignore the dangers that lurk in the online world and hence never attempt to secure our computers properly.

If you aren’t already protecting your computer by increasing security, you are becoming an easy target for cyber criminals who can obtain your precious data including credit card information.

Here are some computer security mistakes you are probably making.

You got no anti-virus on your system

  • Having a proper anti-virus on your system is absolutely critical for the basic security of your system. There are tons of anti-virus software available, but we recommend installing a software from a known company. Just make sure you don’t end up installing a software that you randomly found on the internet.
  • Check out,2817,2388652,00.asp they have a big list. Any would be safe to use, but loof for something that includes Malware Protection. AVAST is #1 on their list for a reason!

Don’t install unnecessary software

  • There are times when you download a software and install, you get asked to install an additional software. A lot of third party software developers can include extra software that automatically installs with their software. You need to pay attention and not let the program install additional software.

Change your password occasionally

  • The biggest overlooked security mistake is not changing your password occasionally. We tend to rarely or never change our passwords. Remember, your password can easily be acquired by hackers if you are not careful. So try to make sure your password is strong and is occasionally changed now and then.

You keep the same password everywhere

This is one of the most common mistakes people make these days. They usually keep one password for everything they are using. Now imagine if a hacker gets hold of this password, he also gets access to your email, your private accounts, and your system. Make sure you keep different passwords for all the platforms you are using.


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