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popular cyber security practices that aren’t protecting you at all… sort of…

Standard protective and defensive measures are extremely important for a small business or organization due to cyber criminals increasingly targeting these entities. But are your standard security measures really working for you?

You’ll be surprised to know that some of the most common and popular standard measures aren’t really doing anything for you. We have compiled a short list of protective measures that people think are effective, but in reality, they’re really just not protecting them.

High-end router’s don’t guarantee 100% protection

  • You may think buying off a high-end router that costs a lot of money should be enough to protect your network from intrusions. You’re wrong. The truth is routers come with firmware that is hard to update. A lot of people don’t update their routers which open up to malware attacks. Expensive routers are good for their throughput, security wise they’re just not enough.

Changing Password or choosing a strong one is not safe

  • Unfortunately, no matter how hard your password is to guess or no matter how frequently you change your password, it might not be enough to protect your system. Hackers can even break through the strongest of passwords by tricking you through various phishing scams, but of course be sure to change often and use a strong one. >>> Use our PASSWORD GENERATOR in the sidebar to generate a strong password >>

Anti-Virus software don’t give you complete security

  • There was a time when putting up a good anti-virus software on your computer would protect it against all the threats lurking out there. Times have changed now and cyber criminals have found various ways to break through anti-virus software. Now you need multiple security software to protect against threats that are not detectable by anti-virus software alone.


Firewalls don’t protect you anymore than your anti-virus software

Another big misconception these days is setting up a strong firewall is enough to protect your network against cyber criminals. Most malware nowadays can easily pass through firewalls to breach your system. Without a cybersecurity professional constantly protecting your systems using various security methods, even the strongest firewall can’t stop a breach.

Take this with a grain of sand sometimes because you do need the above, but just because you install these products does not guarantee safety. It is always good to have a site audit or penetration tester evaluate your configuration.

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