are cybersecurity businesses taking advantage of the wannacry ransomware attack?

If you haven’t heard already, last 2 weeks have been chaotic in the business world because of the Wannacry malware attack that took down as many as 200,000 machines in just a few days.

Now some cybersecurity companies are cashing on the attack by raising the prices of their services because right now the demand for cyber security is so high that it is almost impossible for businesses to not seek out help from professionals.

But do businesses really need to rely on cyber security companies or should they be more concerned about their own cybersecurity culture inside the business?

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Colly Roderick

Colly Roderick

Contributor at Cyber Security Portal
I have been playing with computers, circuits, and all things electronic since my brother gave me my first computer parts to build when I was in 6th grade.
Colly Roderick

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