Cybersecurity is now as important as health and safety for any company

Cyber security is quickly becoming a global issue now affecting businesses and organizations of all sizes around the world. Every employee is at risk at all levels of an organization. The time has come for organizations and businesses to see cybersecurity as an extremely important issue and consider it on par with health and safety issue.

Enterprises need to raise the awareness of cyber security and make a part of normal campaigns that also spread awareness of health and safety. Why?

Because let’s face it, today is a connected world. Our computers, our televisions and even our fridges are now connected to the network and the internet. Even medical devices such as pacemaker are now connected to some sort of a smart device, leaving it open to attack from cyber criminals. This is why cyber security should now become a part of any health and safety campaign.

Businesses don’t realize how much it is important to boost cyber security in the workplace. It has become increasingly important to protect your workspace simply because of the adverse effects a cyber crime can cause to existing aspects of any business. Cyber crimes have and will continue to put companies out of business if the issue is not taken seriously. Any data breach, system lock or other cyber attacks can cause a business to be heavily fined by data protection authorities if found that they did not implement a core cyber security strategy.

This has caused many sensible businesses and organizations to implement a core cyber security strategy where they conduct regular training and awareness programs so that everyone knows how much dangerous the threats can be if not taken seriously.

Statistics show that 38% of data breaches are internal. It reveals that companies are in fact ignoring employee awareness that is causing breaches due to their negligence. So the first step is to spread awareness internally so all of the employees in a company understand how to protect themselves and the company from cyber criminals.

Since cyber criminals are taking advantage of the latest technology to conduct their attacks, companies should step up their game and make use of advanced defensive technology to fight back, which can only be done if there is enough awareness so that everyone can take this issue seriously.


Donna Archerdoa

Donna Archerdoa

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Donna Archerdoa

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