If elected president, cybersecurity will be Donald Trump's top priority

If elected president, cybersecurity will be Donald Trump’s top priority

Donald Trump announced Monday that he will strengthen the government’s cybersecurity capabilities and make it his utmost priority if he is elected as president of United States.

He said that in order to make America truly safe, we need to make sure cybersecurity is our top priority. He said that if he is elected the commander in chief, he will make sure every step is taken to make cybersecurity better.

America is already fighting a hard battle against cybercrimes which is on the rise throughout the world. With emerging technologies, the government is lacking behind the ability to fight back complex cyber attacks.

Read more details http://www.cbsnews.com/news/donald-trump-vows-to-strengthen-cybersecurity-capabilities/

Colly Roderick

Colly Roderick

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Colly Roderick

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