why do viruses slowdown your computer?

Have you ever wondered why your system slows down when it is infected by a virus or malware?

It is because making lightweight applications is a tough job and no hacker or cybercriminal makes an effort to optimize their software. Most viruses or malware on your system consume resources no matter what kind of software they are made off.

In other stances, hackers may volunteer to produce viruses and malware that are meant to slow down your system. These malware are designed to upload or download data directly from your system, which means they constantly work hard in the background consuming your resources from the system or the internet.

But then again there are certain malware and viruses that are very lightweight and may never be consuming too many resources in the background. This kind of malware or viruses is designed to be lightweight because the aim is to keep them hidden from the user. If you do not see a slower performance on your system, you may never suspect that there is a virus present in your system.

That way a virus will stay in your system and will do its work by uploading your personal info to the cloud. Keep in mind some viruses and malware are designed in such a way that they might not be detectable by home user anti-virus software.

If you are facing a slowdown on your system, it is probably due to a spyware. Spyware is generally very resource heavy applications because they constantly work to upload and download data from the hacker’s server. With spyware on your system, you could face a complete system slowdown as well as slow internet.

To get rid of spyware, you should download and install an anti-spyware software from a trusted source.

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