Have you got the right talent to join a cybersecurity position?

Big organizations and businesses who have been a victim of a cyber attack have a very common complaint that serious talent is lacking in cyber security. Their teams are virtually not prepared and they are blaming the lack of talent whereas if they look around, there is talent available. So where is the shortage coming from?

The need for adding new talent to cyber security teams is a very well documented need. It has been revealed time and time again in reports by industry experts that the global cyber security workforce is indeed lacking in good talent. According to many reports, as many as 1.5 million positions will be unfilled by the end of 2020.

There is a shortage of talent in cyber teams but the talent is there. The real problem is that businesses and organizations are targeting the wrong people for the job. They see traditional tech credentials and based on that fill their positions. For example, someone holding a degree in technology is not someone suitable for a cybersecurity position. This is why so many security certifications are there.

The true potential of a tech expert really shines when they start delving deeper into cybersecurity space by studying further in security based certifications. Their basic education is just a minor step in getting them ready for the world of cyber security out there.

To fill in the gaps in talents, organizations and businesses should start opening up their positions to individuals who have experience and hard cyber security certifications instead of someone holding a Master’s Degree in basic technology.

Cyber security is a vast field and not every IT expert feels comfortable working in the industry that revolves around security. By now everyone should be aware that this industry is vast and it has much different expertise which can only be learned by individuals who are taking specialized courses that teach about the cyber tech.

If ignored, these highly educated personnel who have mastered a field of cyber security can and may turn to the other side of the game.

Donna Archerdoa

Donna Archerdoa

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Donna Archerdoa

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