iPhone can be easily restored to factory settings to protect against hacks

iPhone can be easily restored to factory settings to protect against hacks

Smartphone hacking is on the rise and many people report their phones getting hacked. Whether you use an iPhone or any Android powered phone, you can easily be hacked.

If you detect that your phone is being accessed without your authorization, you should take necessary actions immediately. Below is a guide explaining what to do in case your iPhone is being hacked.

Start by diagnosing the problem:

  1. First of all, backup all your data. In order to learn how to completely backup your iPhone, follow this iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch backup guide.
  2. Remove the SIM card you are using and install a backup SIM (any number you do not regularly use). It is better if you use a prepaid SIM card for this purpose.
  3. Start the phone and leave it on for a while and see if your phone is still being spammed with text messages. If the messages stop appearing, then the SIM you were using is being targeted and your phone is safe.
  4. If however weird messages continue to keep coming on the new number, you need to logout of messages. To do this, simply go to your phone settings, access accounts and log out your Apple ID.
  5. Now proceed to registering new Apple ID and use the phone with the new ID. If the messages or other activity goes away, your Apple ID is being targeted or spammed.
  6. Turn off all your data. This includes 3G, 4G and wireless. If your phone is still being spammed with unauthorized activity, your phone is compromised and must be cleaned.

Here are possible solutions to the problem:

If you find out that your number is being spammed, contact your carrier and ask them to block the phone number(s) that are spamming the SIM.

If your Apple ID is the culprit, block the iMessage number that is being used to spam your phone. Here’s a good way to block calls, messages or FaceTime calls on an iPhone.

If your phone is compromised, you will have to delete all the data and reset it to factory settings. You can follow this detailed guide on fully backing up your data for resetting the phone back to factory settings.

If you are feeling adventurous or revengeful, there are hacking services that can hack the hacker for you. Try contacting with your query to admin@hackerdemy.com and they will assist you with the process.

Further more, having some hacking experience can also help you detect where the cyber attacks are coming from. You can become a hacker by following our guide to becoming a professional hacker.

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