How to make sure your workforce takes cyber security threats seriously

Common sense is only limited and for you to make sure that things are taken seriously, you will have to go beyond the basics and make sure that best practices in cybersecurity are being taken seriously by your workforce.

When it involves cyber security, big IT security companies tend to make sure that at least 20 of their employees are well prepared to fight back security attacks. They tell them that it is a matter of life and death where winning means the company stays in business and continues to flourish.

Cyber criminals are especially targeting employees at companies that don’t take cyber security very seriously. Don’t forget that most malware attacks are successful thanks to the work force that never pays attention to what is scamming them. They just open links and let whatever there is fool them.

Cyber criminals are now also using social media to perform these scam attacks which employees never realize that they are dangerous. The results are that a malware attack spreads across your network.

So how do you prepare them to fight back? How do you make sure that the thousands you are spending on their training are actually making any sense to them and that they are actually taking things seriously?

Here are a couple of strategies you can use to make sure your cyber security message sticks with your employees.

  • Don’t use scare tactics, your goal should be to build a culture inside your company that promotes cyber security in all departments. You need to treat this like an inside campaign that should be persuaded.
  • Start with small and informative graphics and videos that your employees will actually enjoy watching while learning a thing or two about the threats. A message said in casual tone is often remembered for a long time.
  • Don’t try to send out large letters that are uninspiring and boring for the staff to read. Chances are that no one in your team will actually read.

Your aim should be to change the employee behavior and not force things upon them. If you successfully create a cybersecurity culture, your employees will be more vigilant than ever.

Lavina Bentley

Lavina Bentley

Contributor at Cyber Security Portal
I grew up on the east coast and have always been a fan of technology. It just always came easy to me. Being a woman and knowing about computers in the early days was a rarity, but now I am here to write about it and inform.
Lavina Bentley

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