Penetration TestingIf you are an aspiring penetration tester, you’ve come to the right place. We not only have tons of resources to help you get started, we also have a list of professional certifications that help you gear up for a professional career as a pen tester.

What the experts have to say?

If you ask an expert, the real answer would be to start by gaining some practical knowledge. For example, a site known as Hack This Site helps aspiring hackers to understand system penetration.

You can also use the virtualization technique to learn pen testing. Simply set up a Hyper-V or VMware image on a web server or any db server. Then get a friend to set up passwords on these servers which you are not aware of. Start doing this on the rest of VM you have set and start breaking them down. Since this is a virtual machine, you will get an experience of actually hacking a machine. This way you will learn a multitude of skills.

If practical stuff doesn’t work for you, you can select a number of professional certifications to learn penetration testing. If you want to prepare for these certifications, there are even free online courses to help you get started.

Benefits of doing free courses

Cybersecurity is an industry that is constantly growing and the need to defend information rich systems is growing day by day. Hence a lot of people are now offering online courses to help you get started. In these courses, you will learn to hack systems step by step. You will also learn how certain networks work and react to outsiders when attacked. These are extremely important to learn about if you are looking for a good career in pen testing.

Once you have gained the skills needed to land a job, head over to our penetration tester page to learn more about where to seek jobs, how to hone your skills and which degree programs can help you enhance your skills and add positive points to your resume.

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Colly Roderick

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