best-security-certifications-2017Security breaches are increasing in size and number day by day which indicates that there is a large cybersecurity talent gap. Statistics have revealed to many companies the threat they face through cyber security and they are worried.

And when companies get worried, they open up vacancies for cyber security professionals to jump in and help them secure their networks. But how do you know which kind of security professionals they are looking for?

It’s simple, you look at the security certifications that are in demand and you’ll get the answer. We are providing you a list of hottest security certifications below that are guaranteed help you find a position as a security professional in 2017.

CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

  • The CISSP specializes in information security education and is a certification that will help you acquire the right knowledge to help manage data and network security at many companies.
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CISM – Certified Information Security Manager

CRISC – Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

  • This certification will help you in understanding how IT risks are related to an organization. By the time you finish this certification, you’ll have plenty of knowledge to handle corporate level risks.
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ECSA – EC – Council Certified Security Analyst

  • This certification will make you an ethical hacker and will help you develop your skills as a penetration tester, one of the most sought out professions in the corporate sector. Plus you’ll get to fiddle around with the latest hacking technologies and tools.
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CompTIA Security+

  • The security+ certification is one of the safest routes to take if you aren’t sure what you want to achieve in your career as a cyber security professional. It is a globally trusted certification that is considered best practice in IT security covering most of the essentials of network security and risk management.
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CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor

  • CISA focuses on monitoring skills and system control. It is also globally recognized standard providing expertise in examining and setting up technology controls. You’ll also be able to deal with vulnerabilities at the enterprise level.
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No matter which security certification you choose to go with, one thing is pretty clear; the trends show that cyber threats will keep increasing in numbers and size. Which means the need for cyber security professionals will only rise.

Elliot Speers

Elliot Speers

Elliot has been building & breaking computers since his father owned a computer repair store in the late 80's. An ethical hacker he is always looking out for the little guy and sharing his knowledge online and off.
Elliot Speers

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