Stocking on bitcoins is not the best way to ward off against ransomware

One of the big reasons why small companies and businesses are stocking up on bitcoins is because this form of currency has become the number one choice for cyber criminals.

In simple words, when a cyber attacker acquires critical data and asks for ransom, they want to be paid via bitcoins. But then again, are companies safe when they pay cyber attackers via bitcoins? Not quite.

A recent report reveals that cyber criminals have become very clever. Once they know a company is ready to pay them to return data, they may start asking for more. Additionally, there is no guarantee that you’ll get your data back when you pay them off.

But then what should you do if you become a victim of a ransomware?

A simple solution is prevention. 

  • The only real way you can protect yourself from ransomware is to get a reliable and trustworthy backup system in place. With the right backup system, you can restore all your data without ever worrying about paying a single penny to cyber attackers.

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In a recent report, it was revealed that most cyber criminals take down companies for a week or longer. For a thriving business, going offline for a week is a major blow to its reputation and sales.

And since cyber attacks are on the rise these days, protecting your systems from such attacks should be your number one priority instead of stocking up on bitcoins.

Collecting bitcoins in hopes of paying cyber criminals is a temporary solution because once you pay a criminal, he may come back to steal your data again.

If you are still not well protected, you should seek help from a professional. There are many cyber security professionals and companies eager to help you protect your data from threats in the cyber world.

Invest in protection to help prevent future attacks and stay safe from the rising threats cyber criminals.


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