Businesses have always had confidential information that they can’t afford to be leaked to the public. For example, the personal information of the employees, trade secrets, business strategies, and performances. While technology has allowed businesses to store and analyze information with ease, it has also allowed others to exploit them quite as easily as well. Hackers can gain unauthorized access to a business’ server, extract the data, and sell it to its competitors. When this happens, it can be detrimental to a business’ growth and integrity, and it can put a company massively behind. This is why businesses need to invest more in cybersecurity software and other preventative measures.

A preventative measure needs to be thorough

It’s important that these preventative measures for cyber attacks are as thorough as possible. We now have tools that can store and access the internet everywhere we go. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, to smartwatches and other electronic gadgets, these tools can all be targeted by attackers. What’s more is that new technologies like AI and automated systems have allowed attackers to manipulate the infrastructure of a business and alter the course of a business right under their noses. They can also perform a marketing alteration, which alters a business’ marketing and branding trajectory. A company can lose a lot of money this way, as their marketing campaign can become ineffective. Or worse, an attacker can gain access to a company’s social media account and ruin a brand’s image with just one post.

It’s been shown in a recent research that over 200,000 company computers in more than 150 countries have already been breached by attackers. It should go without saying that you wouldn’t want your business to be among them. You should make it your company’s mission to educate every employee on the preventative measures against cyber attacks, as well as an emergency protocol. This way, everybody will be on the page if an attack is to occur.

Including protection policy into the fabric of the organization

As a business, you need to come up with a cyber protection policy into every aspect of the organization. From the IT department, marketing, data storage, HR department, management, and everything in between. You need to make sure that your whole business is protected, and to ensure this, the preventative measures should be implemented into the four main areas of the business: business context and conduction, policy and standards, security and controls, and the environment.

Cybersecurity is a problem for the entire organization

Everybody in the organization needs to work together to protect the integrity of the business. This is not just about the company, as the personal information of each individual employee is on the business’ database as well. It should be a collaborative effort of the entire organization, not just the IT department to protect the business against cyber attacks. A cyber protection software is just the beginning, but there also needs to be a guideline for how each employee should use the company’s devices. When the entire company works together as a unit, they will greatly limit the possibility of a cyber attack.

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