Entry level cybersecurity jobs

Get accepted for entry level cybersecurity jobs

Cyber security is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing jobs sector in the world with some of the job positions being the top most sought out for. So if you are already trying your luck at getting into cybersecurity, you are in a great position to land a job. However, some of these positions require you to be highly qualified in terms of technical skills and knowledge, which means you will have to go through extensive schooling, earning multiple certifications and getting years of on hands experience in cybersecurity.

We have compiled a list of important ‘To-Dos’ for anyone who is looking to enter cybersecurity through an entry level position. If you are that person, read on.

Entry Level Positions – How To Secure Them

A lot of new job seekers tend to fail miserably at job hunting because they are not prepared enough. Cybersecurity is a competitive field where candidates are experienced and have tons of knowledge and technical skills. As a new comer, you have probably spent months trying to search for the right job and almost always failed to gain it.

Fortunately for you, there are about 1 million openings still waiting to be filled in the cybersecurity sector alone. As cybercrime is becoming more and more powerful force to reckon with, companies and governments require more and more professionals to deal with it.

So even though there is no shortage of jobs in the cybersecurity sector, you may still face a lot of hurdles due to inexperience and lack of knowledge. Following are the challenges most newcomers face:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of practical skills
  • Lack of professional certifications
  • Incomplete education

If you lack any of the above necessary skills or knowledge, you will be overshadowed by thousands of other entry level candidates. In order to improve your chances, follow the advice below:

Focus on something – The best way to land a job in cybersecurity is to choose a field and then religiously gain knowledge and technical skills needed to excel in it. For example, if you have chosen to become an intrusion detector, learn about it, get professional certifications and volunteer with companies.

Gain Knowledge – There is no shortage of cybersecurity degrees, online courses and other resources which gives you plenty of knowledge regarding just about any field in cybersecurity. Never stop learning more about the field. Gain additional skills, learn new technologies, attend conferences, discuss new threats in forums and talk to senior level cybersecurity professionals wherever you can find them.

Grow your network – For any job, growing your network means more connections. When more people find out about you, and if they think you are useful, you will be surprised how many employers will be interested in acquiring you. Employers tend to hire people if they are referenced by someone who is already in the cybersecurity field. So befriend people who are already working in companies and watch the offers flow in your email.


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