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What can you expect to find in this page?

You’ll find everything tools, links to resources and advice from experts. Whether you are currently studying in high school or you are a general IT professional, you’ll find resources like getting into cyber security jobs or competing in a hacking contest. You’ll also learn about security clearance process. Our list is ever growing so don’t feel hesitant to make suggestions.

Learn About All The Cyber Security Jobs Available

What kind of information on jobs can you find on this page?


Jobs above have a page dedicated to them and are divided into 3 sections:

Salary (Per Anum)

Job Description:

  • Summarized version of what you can expect from the job. You’ll find out about similar jobs, potential responsibilities and branching career paths.


  • Overall idea on what each job requires such as work experience, level of expertise,degrees, soft/ hard skills and certifications requirements.

Feel free to skip the basic section of the job pages if you are already well versed with the provided information however, if you are someone new trying to get your feet wet in cyber security, you must read the basics.

Strictly Cyber Security

Our jobs page strictly covers careers and jobs in the cyber security sector. A lot of cyber security professionals start out as general IT employees such as software developers, web developers, application developers, network administrators, system administrators etc. We wanted to skip those jobs and just focus on the cyber security section.

Wherever possible, we have added related jobs in the career path section. This will give you an idea how current general IT jobs can be turned into a cyber security career. If you find a security job missing, let us know and we’ll add it here.

Short Description Vs. Full Descriptions

In IT security jobs, there’s a lot of crossover. For example, an application developer may turn into a security software developer later in the career or a security consultant may take on the role of Vulnerability Assessor. So keeping this in mind, we have kept the descriptions very broad.

Certification requirements and hard/soft skill requirements are added with every job as a general note. If you find requirements, they are simply there to give you an idea what you may require. A lot of jobs doesn’t necessarily require the same certifications or hard/soft skills. A job can still be taken off using other certifications that offer similar skills and knowledge.

Career Advice

Improving your skills

A lot of employers these days look for candidates who have at least some sort of experience in real life security scenarios.

Here are just some of the ways you can really improve or learn useful new skills:

Learn About The Job!

It is very important to learn about the specific job. Security threats are growing very fast and the atmosphere keeps changing. That means you will have to learn new skills on the go.

Once you decide on a career path to take, you should do a quick research on the job requirements on recruiting websites. These requirements offer enough understanding to get through the interview process.

Get In Touch With Mentors and Peers

If you ask us where you can find the best advice on cyber security jobs, we will ask you to go to your mentors or peers. The best way to find out about any job is via a mentor are experienced people who know more than potential beginners.


  • Talk to senior students
  • Find people who actively take part in conferences or hacking contests
  • Contact a blogger you follow
  • Ask professionals at your job to provide referrals
  • Talk to your university professors

These people should provide you information like:

  • The kind of security certifications required and how you can pursue your employer to increase your pay for your skills.
  • Where you can different projects to contribute into to improve your skills
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of working in governments, private companies or military.
  • A lot of inside story tips and tricks that you never knew.

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