How to fully protect and secure your private messages

Whether you converse privately or professionally, what you are talking about on your phone may be important to criminals. They may end up getting your personal information through your chats such as credit card info and other critical info. There are many possibilities where you could end up being a victim of a cyber crime if you are not making your chats completely private.

Although the chatting software you are using may have already told you that your chats are private and encrypted, it isn’t always necessarily true. Hackers and even governments can still easily access your private conversation if the need arises.

If you really want to make sure no one gets the access to your chats, you should use applications like the Signal app. The signal app is designed under open source code which means that it is by the people for the people. The signal is the only security app that you can actually trust to protect your sensitive conversations.

But after getting it installed on your Android or iOS powered device, you still need to make sure a couple of things are taken care off manually.

  1. Make sure your contact on the other side is also using the Signal app. If you are protecting your chat, doesn’t mean that the other person is also protected. He/she will receive all your messages on their end which can be acquired too.
  2. Although signal makes sure that no one in the world is able to break through to steal your private conversation over the internet, it cannot stop people from actually taking your phone and opening the messaging app to check all the messages. In a scenario like this, you need to make sure your phone is properly locked down in cases of stolen or lost phone.
  3. Make sure your phone doesn’t preview the messages on your home screen. Nearly every app sends out a notification on the home screen which sometimes read the entire message on the preview. Set your app to hide these notifications from appearing on your home screen.
  4. Regularly delete your messages. Keeping them forever on your phone increases the chances that the messages will be stolen one way or the other.
  5. The signal app also lets you create groups that are fully secure from prying eyes. Make sure if you are talking in a group, you protect it with the application.

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