Optus launches a new cybersecurity course for students absolutely free

Optus has just launched an online cyber education program for the secondary schools and universities with help from LifeJourney. The aim of the program is to add more meat to the country’s ability to fight and defend against many future cyber security threats.

The Optus Cyber Security Experience is one of a kind educational program that will deal with the shortage of professionals in the cyber security space by helping students of today to learn how to defend and fight against threats.

The entire course is free for all students and is a great chance for them to learn about the life of a cyber security officer.

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Elliot Speers

Elliot Speers

Elliot has been building & breaking computers since his father owned a computer repair store in the late 80's. An ethical hacker he is always looking out for the little guy and sharing his knowledge online and off.
Elliot Speers

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