Technology today is almost scary at the pace it is moving! Screens in everyone’s face including young children. Heck I’ll admin it… our iPad mini is the best baby sitter in the world and my kid has been using it since he was 3! Now he is not surfing the web just playing simple games for kids, but the day is going to come when he does start going online and that is where the problems can begin!

What are the issues?

  • Where are they going online?
  • What are they seeing?
  • What are they saying?
  • Who are they talking to?
  • The list goes on and on…

Not to sound like a paranoid parent, but these truly are the issues of the day!

Trust me I know! Running Pop That Zit since 2006 has made me very aware of many of the situations that come about online. Stalkers, haters, trolls, virus, scams etc…. been there done that!

Enough Already!

Listen if you have a child or teenager that is online, on social media then you need to be aware of what they are doing.

  • How can you do this? Stand over there shoulder? Sure, but that means you have to be there all the time and they will get frustrated.
  • Not let them on the computer? Yeah, but in today’s society you need to have the basic knowledge of computers, so it is not an option in most cases.
  • Control Software? That will do it, but does that make you some over protective, paranoid parent? No not at all!

Step In Kids Watch Parental Control Software

There is no reason to feel guilty about installing a software that will help you manage what your kids are doing online.

This is where KidsWatch can help.

I love using this program, not only for the kids although mine are not really old enough yet to get in trouble, but the kids computer time management feature helps us a lot!

There are so many other features this software offers and I am sure you could use some if not all of them.

  • Time Management: Schedule times they can use the computer and when they can’t.
  • Monitor Chat Sessions: Set up alerts for certain phrases so if they mention them you get alerted.
  • Block Website Access: Bad site? ****? Block it!
  • Block Web Content: Certain safe sites may show bad content. Block it!
  • Predator Alerts: Alerts when a listed sexual offender moves into your neighborhood
  • Email Alerts & Reporting: Get emailed when a filter is triggered, plus view reports daily or weekly to see where your children have been.

It might seem like a lot, but the software is super easy to set up and manage. Regardless I think peace of mind is worth it!

Remember these are issues our parents really never had to deal with. The world is changing and we need to protect our children! Some things seen cannot be unseen!

You can learn more at or download the FREE trial software here

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Jake Ciber

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