6 million cybersecurity jobs are empty globally

Sandra Sargent, the cybersecurity lead at the World Bank spoke to a panel at RiskSec NY on Tuesday saying that it is a dire situation for the recruitment in the cyber security field.

The challenge is that nearly 6 million jobs are unfilled in the industry because there aren’t attractive incentives being offered. She spoke to a number of IT security professionals gathered at the conference to suggest what needs to be done.

She further added that the greatest gap of jobs that needs to be filled is in Africa and Southeast Asia. She suggested that targetted training should be started in these regions to prepare students for cyber security industry so that they can take interest and join to fill the large gap.

Stesha Guglielmo

I have always been into technology even at a young age. It always just came to me. I love the speed at which tech is moving and want to be part of it in all ways.

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