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  • You’ll find everything from tools, links, information and plain ol honest advice on cyber security. Whether you’re interested in competing in a hacking contest, or want to get into cyber security after graduating in IT, or you are already in the IT industry with many questions looming in your head about the general security clearance process, you’ll find everything here.

We’r working day and night to expand the resources section so you can find everything you need with just a few clicks. If there is something specific you want to see here, hit the comment section below and give us some suggestions to add new topics and help sections. We’ll love to hear from you!

The Complete List Of Cyber Security Resources In One Place

  • Want to have a place where you can look for cyber security resources without leaving the page? We present our gigantic list of cyber security resources that include everything from conferences, blogs, cyber security websites, organisation, information and much, much more. Hop over to our ‘Lists’ page and browse hundreds of resources in one place. We’ve provided short summaries with each resource to help you preview the information.

Browse Our Cyber Security Resources Page

Move From A General IT Career To Cyber Security

  • Want to transition into Cyber Security from a General IT position? We’ve provided critical advice on how you can plan your career and write a killer resume to impress your interviewers. On this page, you’ll also find a list of hardcore IT skills that are considered a huge advantage. You’ll also find information on non-security based certifications such as the MCSE, CCNA, Network+ etc. Adding these to your resume will boost your overall job application.

Find Out How You Can Secure A Job Position In Cyber Security

Free Cyber Security Courses On The Internet (MOOCS)

  • We present you a list of very useful Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). On this page you’ll find information about prerequisites, coursework, time commitments, instructors, workloads, assessments and materials needed.

Find Your Ideal Free Online Cyber Security Course Here

Flash Guide To Security Clearance

  • Applying for a government security clearance is a stressful and a tough journey. It’s an ordeal no one should go through. To help remove the traumatic bits of the process, we have compiled this short flash guide that includes fundamentals like ‘what security clearance is’, ‘how to deal with one’ and ‘who issues these’ etc. Find useful information on the procedure and effective methods on completing your application.

Find Out More About Security Clearances

Cyber Security Certifications –  Your Ultimate Guide Right Here

  • On this page you’ll find everything on Cyber Security Certifications. To make things easier, we’ve split the guide into two massive parts. The first part covers the basic stuff like costs, certification choices, commitments etc. The second part covers everything about the 12 certification bodies and their accreditation by popularity such as the CompTIA, CISSP, Security+ etc.

Find Out More About Professional Certifications

Cyber Security Careers In The Government

  • Finding information about Cyber Security Careers in the Government isn’t really ‘piece of cake’. There is no clear information on such positions. This is why our little guide about cyber security careers in the government is all you need right now. It covers everything from clear and concise information on the careers, their downsides and benefits and links to very important resources such as scholarships. If you also want to find more about intelligence agencies and the branches of the armed forces, this guide covers that too.

Explore Cyber Security Career Options In The Government Here

Cyber Security: Trending Technologies

  • Here you will find a list of all new technologies and tools that are in trend to combat cyber crime. Find out more about these tools and the universities that are performing cutting edge cyber security research.

Find Out More About These Trending Tools In Cyber Security

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