web securityWe all know a lot of hacks come via website injections, trojans, weak passwords and more! The bad part of this is visitors to these websites then pick up the pay load, distribute it etc… all without the website own ever even knowing.

If you run a website, I am pretty certain it has probably been hacked in the past. It is not fun! You have been compromised and I hope you have a good back up! Most people that run a website don’t have a clue about backups, security, malware, and all the other bad things that can happen.

Even worse is when your website has been taken over and is not just emailing spam from the server that is load with malware. Not fun!

So how does the average person keep their website running and keep it safe from the bad guys?

Well the first part is you want to get a good quality web hosting company.  One company we highly recommend is SiteGround. You can read a great detailed review of SiteGround Web Hosting at https://whackahost.com/siteground-review/ where he goes into all the plans and why they are safe.

Listen if you are running a few websites it is usually a question of not if, but when it might get hacked so you at least want a web hosting company that is going to alert you if it were to get hacked. That is why we like Site Ground. They have daily scans and alert you as well as firewalls and extra security layers that the average website is going to need.

How about you? Has your website ever been hacked? I would love to hear more about it!

Stesha Guglielmo

I have always been into technology even at a young age. It always just came to me. I love the speed at which tech is moving and want to be part of it in all ways.

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