How to remain anonymous on the internet

Keep yourself well hidden while browsing the internet has many benefits. The most of important of which is to keep your identity safe from scammers, phishers, and hackers.

Being anonymous on the internet is popular amongst hackers because they don’t want to leave a trail behind that would help the feds capture them after they have conducted a crime on the internet.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use tools to keep yourself hidden as well. Staying hidden is the best defense against cyber criminals because they can’t access your data if you are well hidden on the internet.

So how do you remain hidden on the internet? There are actually many ways. The simplest, but not reliable is turning your browser mode to private which will prevent websites to track your browsing history and will also keep them from putting cookies in your system.

This mode also protects against small malicious software that is embedded into websites.

But staying anonymous through a browser isn’t very hard for the hackers to breach. If you really want to keep yourself hidden, you’ll have to do some technical stuff. Let’s look at these ways now.

  • Modify your WiFi card’s MAC address
  • Boot your computer from a Live CD running completely through RAM.
  • Obscure your IP Address by using trusted VPNs

It all comes down to how much anonymous you wish to remain on the internet. If you just want to remain hidden so your activity on the internet is not recorded for someone else to look at, you can make do by just using private browsing or actively deleting the history of your browser.

But if you intend to stay hidden from hackers and cyber criminals, then you need to have advanced security skills like changing your MAC address on your WiFi Cards.

Changing your MAC address will make sure that no one is able to track you because this is the most popular way skilled hackers and cyber criminals use to track businesses, organizations and important data.

Keep in mind that your cell phone has a trackable MAC address. If you need to stay hidden, don’t turn your WiFi on.



Elliot Speers

Elliot Speers

Elliot has been building & breaking computers since his father owned a computer repair store in the late 80's. An ethical hacker he is always looking out for the little guy and sharing his knowledge online and off.
Elliot Speers

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