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Having problem getting a job in cybersecurity?

You may be thinking too much. Getting a job in Cyber-security is easier than you think.

You probably landed on this page because you have decided to seek a job in IT security, but are unsure where to begin. Researching is the very first step and you are doing it perfectly. Now that you are here, we are going to help you find your first entry level cyber security job by giving you some golden advice and tips.

Sure, when it comes to getting a good job in an industry, experience is vital. But our aim is to help you build a reputation that speaks experience through your persona. A compilation for several tips can be read below which we believe will effectively help you in your job hunt.

Planning is the most important thing

Rule number one of finding the perfect job is to plan, plan and plan ahead. You need to think like a strategist and see what opportunities lie in front of you and how you can catch those opportunities. When you finally come up with a game plan, stick to it and work on it. Here are some crucial points that will help you get an entry level job in Cyber Security:

  1. First of all, plan ahead as mentioned above. You need to know the different kinds of careers available and what career leads to which position in the long term. Pursue the career that best suits your needs.
  2. Find out which skills are absolutely necessary in the career you have chosen. Look for job postings to see what companies are demanding.
  3. Find ways to get the skills that are required. You can volunteer, compete in hacking contests, attend IT security conferences, get a degree or even complete a professional certificate.
  4. Get practical by doing projects on your own. There are several places where you can volunteer to work on a project or you can start your own.
  5. Master all the popular and latest technology available to IT security professionals. If this is too much, stick to one or two popular tools that are commonly used in IT security.
  6. Start blogging! if you think you have the knowledge, why not pen it down. Show it your employers when you are going for an interview and they will be immediately impressed.
  7. Finally, create a powerful self promotion pitch that will help you sell yourself to employers. The speech must include who you are and why you are perfect for the job. Include all or most powerful points from above.

Getting a job in cybersecurity is all about having practical and theoretical knowledge. Sharpen your skills in both departments and you are on your way to becoming a guru in cybersecurity.

Lavina Bentley

Lavina Bentley

Contributor at Cyber Security Portal
I grew up on the east coast and have always been a fan of technology. It just always came easy to me. Being a woman and knowing about computers in the early days was a rarity, but now I am here to write about it and inform.
Lavina Bentley

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