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Ever wondered why some people so easily and quickly land a dream job in their dream company? If we were to give you one reason, it would be networking.

Networking is one of the most powerful and effective ways to become successful in just about any career or walk of life. In cybersecurity, it counts even more. The entire IT industry is based upon networking, relationships and credibility, which is why you should be building connections all the time.

Here are some tips to get you started with building your ultimate network of professionals and land your perfect job.

As soon as you are ready to look for an entry level job in cybersecurity, you should start building relationships with people in the industry. Go and join cybersecurity forums, blogs and other places where people interact. Start contributing and build a network with people.

Whenever you can, offer assistance to people. Find places where people come seeking advice and other help based in IT security. If you have the knowledge, you can help anyone. This way you will get attention from gurus in the industry who will start thinking you are a valuable person to build relationships with. In return, you can ask these ‘gurus’ to help you with entry level jobs by giving you advice and pointing you to the right direction.

The best place to build extremely useful connections is through regularly visiting cybersecurity conferences. Check your local listings for any thing related to IT security happening in your area and go there and start making some connections. There you will also come in contact with professionals who are more than willing to help you fill the gaps.

Once you have found the ultimate platform to help and seek advice, constantly provide your feedback and become a permanent part of that community. You will grow as a personality and a lot of people with start respecting you. As your name becomes known through out the cybersecurity industry, you will automatically start receiving offers from big name companies to help you find a career with them.

Lavina Bentley

Lavina Bentley

Contributor at Cyber Security Portal
I grew up on the east coast and have always been a fan of technology. It just always came easy to me. Being a woman and knowing about computers in the early days was a rarity, but now I am here to write about it and inform.
Lavina Bentley

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