Midco warns of a potential ransomware virus

Midco warns of a potential ransomware virus

Midco has just warned its users that a new virus is circling around in emails that could be potentially dangerous for their computers.

The statement released by the company read that people with @midco.net email addresses may contain a ransomware trojan virus that is currently not being detectable by most anti virus software.

The users are urged to detect the virus themselves by looking at the subject line of the email. If the subject line reads anything like ”Vigor2820”, they are urged to not open the email and immediately delete it.

This malware gets the users to decrypt their files and then takes over the computer.

Read more details http://www.ifallsjournal.com/news/local/midco-warns-customers-of-potential-computer-virus/article_fa745abd-dc29-5ef3-bc7f-3f5396cd9015.html

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