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Why Cyber Security? Why Now? Great Question!

You have seen it in the news, heard about it on social media, and you may have had it happen to you at home or at work! Online hacking, I.D. theft, malware, even home camera monitors for children are being hacked!

As the world hurdles forward faster than ever in the world of technology it is no wonder things are getting out of control! Everything as we know it is being run by computers and that allows for amazing things, but it also allows for bad things.

I think you can see where this is going. I point this out because there is a huge opportunity out there for people to start new careers and help keep people safe on the web! Let’s face it. Technology is not slowing down, it is only getting faster and faster. If you have feel like you have the skills to purse a career in cyber security then you should be looking into it.

Still not sure? Check out this article on Forbes… One Million Cybersecurity Job Openings In 2016

Crazy huh! If you don’t bother to read that article they also mention that by 2019 demand is expected to rise to 6 million job openings.

At we are working hard to bring you just that. A portal to all the information you will need to learn about Cyber Security and start your career in it. Updated news, resources, training, and reviews of schools that offer degrees in cyber security and other useful information technologies fields.

If that does not convince you I would urge you to check out this report from Burning Glass from 2015.

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5 Super easy ways to bump your computer security

By Gilbertine Onfroi | March 23, 2017

Protecting your computer or smartphone should come naturally because of the rising trend of cyber threats across the world. Over the internet, you’ll come across numerous ways to safeguard your digital life, but most of them talk about advanced methods to protect your computer that is only fit for a company or organization. What do…

security for small businesses

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Requires Cyber Security

By Donna Archerdoa | March 21, 2017

A recent survey conducted by Cyber Security Alliance revealed that one out of every five small business is a victim of cyber crimes. And those businesses that are victims go out of business within six months after the attack. Several big name organizations have been a victim of big data breaches in the past. Which…

What Experience Do You Have?

Tips For Getting A Job In IT With No Experience?

By Jake Ciber | March 17, 2017

So… you want to get a job in the IT world? You’ve heard the buzz about Cyber Security or becoming a network administrator and  how much money these jobs are paying! The BIG question is… how do you get the job! More so how do you get the training for the job? That ends up…

Cyber security practices

Cyber Security Practices That Aren’t Doing You Any Good… Sort of…

By Stesha Guglielmo | March 17, 2017

Standard protective and defensive measures are extremely important for a small business or organization due to cyber criminals increasingly targeting these entities. But are your standard security measures really working for you? You’ll be surprised to know that some of the most common and popular standard measures aren’t really doing anything for you. We have…

computer security

Computer Security Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

By Annadiane Annadiane | March 13, 2017

A lot of us take the internet very lightly and believe it has nothing more than social media, a bunch of videos and a lot of reading material. We often ignore the dangers that lurk in the online world and hence never attempt to secure our computers properly. If you aren’t already protecting your computer…


Here Are The 6 Best Security Certifications For 2017

By Elliot Speers | March 10, 2017

Security breaches are increasing in size and number day by day which indicates that there is a large cybersecurity talent gap. Statistics have revealed to many companies the threat they face through cyber security and they are worried. And when companies get worried, they open up vacancies for cyber security professionals to jump in and…

what is ransomware

What is Ransomware

By Donna Archerdoa | March 9, 2017

If some of your files are no longer accessible because they have been locked, then you might have just become a victim of Ransomware. But ransomware isn’t just simply locking files and asking for money to provide unlock key, it is much more than that. So What Is Ransomware Really? In popular internet culture, ransomware…

Here’s Some Simple Ways To Manage Your Security Risks

By Lavina Bentley | March 9, 2017

Last year was a complete wreck for cyber defenders as attackers kept on taking the lead. There were some pretty high profile breaches in America which are alarming enough for small businesses and organizations to start gearing up for what’s to come. If you’re still wondering what to do about the rising threats of cybercriminals,…

Here’s why so many businesses are stocking up on bitcoins

By Gilbertine Onfroi | March 8, 2017

One of the big reasons why small companies and businesses are stocking up on bitcoins is because this form of currency has become the number one choice for cyber criminals. In simple words, when a cyber attacker acquires critical data and asks for ransom, they want to be paid via bitcoins. But then again, are…

3 Simple Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats

By Stesha Guglielmo | March 6, 2017

Cyber attacks are rising at an alarming rate. Just within the past few years, the number of attacks conducted on small businesses has risen by quadruple. Whether you are a small business owner or an organization, cyber threats are very real and you could be the next victim. If you want to protect yourself from…

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